Click on the appropriate link to find the information you need. Note, these records are from the Arkivverktet’s digital archive and are in Norwegian. However, they are quite easy to understand and navigate. The following might be of some help, however:

Fødte og døpte = born and baptised
Konfirmerte = confirmed as church members
Ekteviede = married
Døde og begravede = died and buried
Inn- og utflyttede = those moving to and from the area
Vaksinerte = vaccinated
= daily register

Other useful words:

Pretegjeld/sokn (sokneråd) = Parish
Fylke = county
År = year
Side = page

There seems to be little difference between Ministerial and Klokker books. A klokker has no real equivalent in Anglican and Catholic churches; in the Norwegian Lutheran church, it is a cross between a server and a warden. However, both types of book contain the same nature and range of information.




Tynset: 1848-1862, Ministerialbok

Tynset: 1863-1879, Ministerialbok

Tynset / Nedre Folldal: 1771-1807, Ministerialbok

Tynset / Nedre Folldal: 1814-1862, Klokkerbok

Tynset / Tyldal: 1880-1901, Ministerialbok

Tynset / Tyldal: 1902-1929, Klokkerbok

Tynset / Tylldal: 1880-1901, Klokkerbok

Tynset / Tynset: 1784-1790, Ministerialbok

Tynset / Tynset: 1880-1899, Ministerialbok

Tynset / Tynset: 1880-1899, Klokkerbok

Tynset / Tynset: 1900-1914, Klokkerbok

Tynset / Tynset: 1915-1930, Klokkerbok


KVIKNE: 1815 – 1937


Kvikne: 1815-1840, Ministerialbok

Kvikne / Kvikne: 1896-1918, Klokkerbok

Kvikne: 1841-1862, Ministerialbok

Kvikne: 1863-1886, Ministerialbok

Kvikne: 1885-1919, Lysningsprotokoll

Kvikne / Innset: 1887-1911, Ministerialbok

Kvikne / Innset: 1902-1937, Klokkerbok