The Project Choir


Tynset has strong musical traditions of singing and playing instruments. Chief amongst these is the Project Choir, which was founded in 2004 as a four-part choir that sings in all the four churches at various times throughout the church year.

Traditionally, it provides a choral service in Tynset Church on Christmas Day and also a large-scale concert on Good Friday. Recent performances have included Gabriel Fauré’s Requiem and Antonio Vivaldi’s Gloria.

The choir meets on Mondays and is always happy to welcome new members. Please see the contact page for more details.




In Norway, it is common for instrumentalists to participate in Sunday services and in Tynset, local instrumentalists, professional and amateur, are encouraged to take part. If you have a wish to help enrich the musical life of the church by participating in a service, please feel free to contact either organist through the church office.